Why we are here...

Forty-five million employees are burdened by student debt. We are here to help employers fix this problem once and for all.

How we got here...

In 2017, two teams started working to solve the massive problem that student debt causes to both the individual and to their employer.  Meeting for the first time right before the pandemic, these teams immediately realized that each filled the others missing gap. In 2021, we came together to form finnita, bringing the first truly comprehensive solution to conquer student debt to the market.  

What makes us special?  Like any great relationship the answer is both complex and yet very simple…shared vision, experience and the ability to execute  

With our tech + concierge staff, we have a unique value proposition designed to maximize employee savings while minimizing employer costs. We have an easy to deploy solution that is human resource information systems (hris) and payroll platform neutral. We seamlessly integrate with benefit administration enrollment systems yet can still operate with full functionality on a stand-alone basis.

But most of all, we have the experience, passion and institutional history to meaningfully impact employee productivity, financial health and to achieve our core social goal and mission…to conquer student debt once and for all. 

Meet the team!

Joel Carter
Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur, CEO, COO and founder of employee benefit technology and service companies for the large employer market. Experienced leader in developing high value support solutions for employee benefits administration, consolidated billing, service technology and multi-shore kpo support. BA from the University of Georgia in economics.

Armando Pena
CTO & RKS Design Lead

Computer scientist that has a deep understanding of creating software solutions that will drive adoption and utility. He has been programming since the age of 13 and started his career at JPL and Sony before transitioning into servicing startups and entrepreneurship. With expertise a/r, blockchain, voice, and other emerging technologies, he brings technical capabilities that will drive user experience.

Ravi Sawhney
Founder, Strategist & Board Member

Innovator and entrepreneur, founder of RKS design, a globally recognized leader in design and innovation. he has global recognition with 300+ patents and 200+ design awards. 5x founder and seed investor in dozens of companies including; Gamevice, Flowater, Freshrealm and Kor water. BA in industrial design from csun , honorary PH.D. from the Art academy university.

Dave Evans
Founder & CRO

Innovator, entrepreneur, CEO and founder of employee benefit development and technology companies with an unparalleled track record of success in the design, development and distribution of employee benefit programs to the large employer market founder of a benefit enrollment servicing company responsible for developing over 1m enrolled lives. D1 college athlete with a BA from Abilene Christian University.

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