LoanBenefits™ For All...We offer student loan assistance at no cost to every company

80% of employees say finding a company that offers a student loan benefit is important. 62% of employees would consider switching companies to gain a student loan relief employee benefit. 90% of all Graduates are looking for employer assistance
Easy to Deploy. No Payroll Integration Required

LoanBenefitsTM provides immediate relief, tax free, to your employees with student debt.

Employer Direct Contributions to Employee Student Loans
Your  LoanBenefit™ program is tax free to your employees up to $5,250 per employee per year
Ready to Launch in Less Than an Hour
LoanBenefits® is designed to be simple and engaging, allowing you to configure your solution in hours. Your employee census is preloaded; you just need to define which employees will participate and how LoanBenefit™ payments will be structured
Real TIme Reporting
Your administration portal not only allows you to manage LoanBenefits™ payments, but it also provides meaningful statistics, like the total debt and interest saved for employees participating in your program and projected value of your program to those employees
Impactful Employee Engagement
From automated and customizable emails to a full employee portal packed with information, tools and updates, your employees will see and feel the impact of your LoanBenefits™ program from day one!
Comprehensive Debt Review
As part of the onboarding process, your employees will receive a free comprehensive student debt review. We will determine if employees qualify for any federal or state student loan forgiveness, review the rates and terms of their student loans to see if they can be improved, and provide other opportunities such as debt consolidation. Employees who could benefit from any of these programs will be referred to our specialists, who will then help develop a student debt plan.

Our clients come from every walk of life, area of the country, and profession. We help Teachers, Doctors, Firefighters, Police Officers, Nurses, Attorneys, Services Professionals, Purchasing Managers, and many others. They rely on finnita to minimize the burden of their federal student loans.

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